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Monday Tidbits

Seeing as I have no real theme for today's posting, I thought a bunch of tidbits might do quite nicely.

Milwaukee Christmas Parade
I was at the Milwaukee Christmas Parade on the weekend, and saw a somewhat humorous accident (nobody was hurt) along the parade route. This involved the Starbucks float, which was essentially a covered vehicle with waving Starbucks employees in green aprons on top, surrounding a huge inflated pseudo-cup of Starbucks coffee.

Well, the Starbucks float planners must not have driven the route beforehand, because as the giant cop-o-coffee came to the walkbridge over Wisconsin avenue at the old Federal building (where I was seated), it clipped the bottom of the walkbridge and began tipping sideways, until it broke a seam and started deflating. The coffee cup slowly drooped over as the float drove away... good thing it was the very end of the route. Needless to say, other inflated float drivers turned the other way on Wisconsin avenue to avoid this.

Figures I'd leave my digital camera at home the one time it would be useful! ;-)

Shaun McGill's PDA 24/7
I also read Shaun McGill's latest PDAThoughts column entitled How long can it last? (scroll down) this weekend, where Patrick Robbe of EuroClie worries that Shaun is facing some serious decisions about running PDA 24/7, with his new daughter Alice on the way. Patrick writes:

"...don't be mistaken though: with the arrival of your second child, your best PDA days are behind you, I fear (at least, that's what happened to me, my second son being just over one year old now), so it's more or less a gamble for me: either you manage to get your personal server up and running before your second child is born, or I expect PDA24/7 to dwindle and disappear within the next year or so."

I hate to say it, but I found myself agreeing with Patrick, at least about Shaun's time demands. I do believe Shaun will work hard to keep his site running. I don't know if Shaun will have the energy to maintain his current high level of activity on PDA 24/7 with a new daughter arriving.

However, Shaun has the advantage of many helpers and a format that can benefit from people working in many time zones to keep things running smoothly, like Sammy at Palm Addict does. Shaun has assured me that he's been planning for his second child's arrival, and has a good crew to keep things running. That's good to hear.

All I know is, when I still ran the Palm Tipsheet, which was a monthly thing, it would have been very difficult to do it alone. I opted to stop doing it for several reasons (one of which was the arrival of Nathan) and ended up selling it, but I do know that if I had tried to keep it going, I would have been seriously sleep deprived. I was sleepless as is was, without the worries of the Tipsheet hanging over me.

So, I wish Shaun the very best, as I enjoy his work. I hope that his planning and posting helpers can keep PDA 24/7 (or whatever he might choose to name it next), going very strongly for years to come. :-)

Nathan Walks!
Speaking of children, Nathan started seriously walking this weekend, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. He is very excited to walk, while I'm trying to be the eagle-eyed dad who stops him from boppin' his noggin' on various things. There's only so much child-proofing you can do though. So, the next few months are going to be very interesting...

Number Portability
Oh, BTW, if you live in the US, today (November 24th) is Number Portability Day, otherwise known as The Day of Mobile Carriers Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth. Carriers would have you believe this is going to kill their business -- well yeah, if you offer your customers terrible service and treat them badly. But isn't that the case normally? Number portability is a great step toward bringing more competitiveness to the market and breaking the carriers' utter control of mobile services and devices. It's about time that some power was returned to the actual users of the mobile phone systems.

And that's all he wrote...

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