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PalmSource Wireless Champion

PalmSourceAs I am a PalmSource Champion of Writing & Word Processing, I thought I'd mention that there is currently no PalmSource Champion for Wireless technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, etc. I found that amazing, so I thought it would be a good idea to mention it here, in hopes that someone out there who loves using wireless technology with their Palm-powered PDA might enjoy the challenge.

If that's you, apply to become a PalmSource Champion!

Being a Champion has its benefits, such as quarterly $50 gift certificates if you just work hard at keeping your page updated. You'll also be helping new and veteran Palm handheld users to find the best apps out there.

It's actually pretty easy to build a guide, as a Word or Excel template is provided by PalmSource. Really, the hardest part is scouring the web for apps and info for the initial guide, which takes something like 10-20 hours.

Once you have your page established it's mainly a maintenance thing each quarter: check for new apps or updates to apps you've mentioned, check for new links on your topic that you can add to the page. I actually have a separate folder in my bookmarks file for 'Champs'. I use this folder to store interesting links as I encounter them, so that I end up with a nice set of links by the end of the quarter when updating time rolls around.

A bit more detailed info from the application form:

Champions will be our designated experts on their particular topic. They'll get private contact with PalmSource (to give us advice and ask questions), and as a thank-you they'll each receive $200 gift certificates to an online store that sells handheld gear. But most importantly, they'll get the recognition and gratitude of everyone in the Palm economy.

Qualifications: You own and use a Palm Powered handheld, and are enthusiastic about teaching others about it. You're very good at searching for information on the Web. And most of all, you are an enthusiast in your topic area -- you aren't necessarily the world's greatest expert on it, but you know it well enough that you can give good, high-quality recommendations to others.

Of course you will need to apply and PalmSource must check your info and make sure you are a good fit, but I'd imagine PalmSource would open to anyone enthusiastic enough to apply. I mean, if you take the trouble to apply and can communicate decently, PalmSource is going to try hard to find some topic for you to do. ;-)

Also, if wireless isn't your deal, then be sure to suggest other interest areas, especially if they seem odd or even very niche oriented. You might be surprised at how many others out there might be interested in that little niche use you have for your handheld.

Okay, that's my public service announcement for the month. :-)

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